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Arrival at JAMMU at 5:00 AM 17 Oct
Date: 17 OCT 2011

Srinagar to Imphal Jan Karvan (organized by Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign) started its journey yesterday from Srinagar. Renowned activists Medha Patekar and Megsesay awardee Dr. Sandeep Pandey flagged off the karwan. On this event many other social activists and general public from various parts of country were present there.
Today dated 17 October karwan arrived at Jammu. Total 25 activists are arrived with the Karwan including Dr. Sandeep Pandey and Irom Singhjit (brother of Irom Sharmila). All were marched on jammu roads from Chandnagar to Jammu University. People were gathered in Jammu University and more than 200 students were there. Students of Jammu University were presented a song based
on humanity and peace.
During the public address activists from PSA (Progressive Students Association) and FDR (Forum for Democratic Rights) were came there and expressed their solidarity and support to this karwan.

Faisal Khan, who is leading the karwan informed that this 4500 km journey will culminate at Imphal on 27 October. He also added that this is first time when any such karwan has started to highlight sufferings of AFSPA victims and all have joined the karwan to express their solidarity to Irom Sharmila.

Anuradha Bhasin from FDR, expressed her support and solidaity. She told that we welcome this karwan as it clearly tells us that there are the people who understand the sufferings. There are the people who are fighting to protect democratic values.
Dr. Sandeep Pandey during his address told that we all are in favor of humanity, peace and love. We are here just to show our solidarity towards all who are victims and who are facing the scenario of human rights violation.
Cathleen Kaur and Syed Azhar informed that we all are in favor of peace and humanity and thus we welcome all such moves which support human values and peace.
Irom Singhjit told that I am happy that irom's struggle is spreading in various parts. He added that her struggle is not for a specific region or specific act, instead it is a struggle to protect the values.
Noted senior gandhians Suresh Bhai and Blawant Yadav are also travelling through all routes of yatra.

People from various states joined this karwan. After this meeting Yatra departed for Ludhiana.

Total 10 states will be covered by this karwan and around 4500 km distance will be covered. All volunteers will distribute pampahlets, articles, etc and will organize public meetings, press briefings etc.
In Jammu University, students also collected their signatures and handed over to karwan in support of Save Sharmila solidarity campaign and its demands.

Departure from Jammu 02:00 PM 17 October

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