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16 FEB 2012

Volunteers of Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign today organized a documentary screening and discussion at Dayal Singh College of Delhi University, New Delhi.

Campaign student coordinator of Dayal Singh College Punit Pushkar told that the objective was to make awareness among youths for protection of human rights. He told that though we are educated but most of them are not aware about our own rights and about the situation of human rights in various parts of our country.

Documentary screening was followed by a discussion among youths on 11 yeras fast of Irom Sharmila. It has to be noted that number of students participated in discussion and then supported the struggle of Irom. One student told that he didnt know anything about this issue and thus for him this discussion became useful to let him aware about the north east. 

Devika Mittal, a core group member of the campaign discussed the issue of Irom Sharmila and its causes. She told that being a PG student in South Asian University made me aware about the socio political issues of south asia, however i became involved with this issue because of its seriousness and the way of protest for justice through non violence. She added that presently campaign has student coordinators in almost all colleges of Delhi and these coordinators are spreading awareness through various ways. Documentry screenings and discussions on socio political issues are also an important activity of every college to let student aware about various issues. She told that many colleges have their film clubs too, and its members used to screen these types of films. When we talked with them, they became ready immediately to organize screenings based on Irom Sharmila's issue.

Campaign was started by a joint group of some organizations, however at present we have support of more than 80 organizations'' told Aditya Dubey, another core group member of  SSSC. He talked about relevance of Irom's protest at present time and told that people have very much respect and love for Irom. He told that Irom through her struggle created a history and became inspiration for others to raise the voice. He added that the event here is part of our continuous campaigning for making people aware about the cause and to get support of people in favor of our demands. 

A student volunteer Manish, who was busy in distributing signature sheets told all students to put their support signatures if they agree with campaign's demands. Hrishikesh, another volunteer and a passionate photographer told that he used to go everywhere with campaign activities. He told that he is very sad with the government's approach towards the issue but he hope that truth will sustain. 

Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign demands with government to send all party delegation to visit Irom Sharmila and to take positive steps of talk. Campaign demands with National Human Rights Commission to visit Irom Sharmila to know the issue on real ground and to meet people of Manipur and victims of human rights violation there.        

(A joint initiative of various organizations & movements)

We welcome your participation/suggestion/feedbacks. We work in favor of Peace, Democracy, Non Violence, Human Rights.
Our demands with Govt of India: 
To take positive steps of talk
To send all party delegation 
To send members of NWC,NHRC
To send special team of doctors from New delhi to examine Irom's health

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