Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Candle Vigils on Second Day of Nationwide Event Series to mark 13 Years of Irom Sharmila Hunger Protest


On the second day of Nationwide Event series to mark 13 years of completion of Irom Sharmila hunger protest , Students organized a candle vigil at Kanpur as well as Kaithi, Varanasi. 

The kanpur event was coordinated by K. M. Yadav , a youth activist of Asha Parivar. During the vigil, students were told about the contribution of Irom Sharmila in making the democracy strong through her non violent protest. Students also wrote letters to President of India to appeal for release of Irom Sharmila and to repeal AFSPA. 

In Varanasi, Event was organized and coordinated by Vallabh Pandey, a social activist associated with Asha Parivar and RTI forum U.P. During the event, a meeting was also held to spread the voice to demand Repeal AFSPA. 
On 6th Nov, again memorandum will be handedover in local district collector office on the name of Prime Minister of India in district Betul. Jhansi and Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh, In district Basti, Shahjahanpur in U.P. and in Srinagar, J&K.  

In Panipat, Haryana, a protest meet will be organized and memorandum will also be handed over. 

In Delhi, a protest will be organized at Delhi University tomorrow at Arts Faculty. 


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