Sunday, 18 March 2012

Minutes of Meeting: 17 MARCH SSSC Meeting: Indian Coffee House, New Delhi

Dear friends,

A meeting of SSSC held at Indian Cofee House, New Delhi on 17th March 2012.

Participants: Total 20 people

1. Program for 6th April: Manipur Bhawan, 4 PM
2. SSSC conclave in May
3. NE States friendship journey in June
4. Delhi Coordination Team

As per the agenda, various topics were discussed. Minutes are given here:


1. 6th April Program:

It is decided that a protest show ' Sharmila Satyagrah' will be organized on the day of Namak Satyagrah. Venue will be Manipur Bhawan and from there all will move peacefully towards Prime Minister Residence to give him a memorandum of demands of SSSC on the issue of Irom Sharmila.It is also decided that this program will be nationwide and people from various states/districts will send the same memorandum addressed to Prime Minister through their district/state authority.
Responsibility for this activity will be as per give details:

A. Permission from Police Station: Qamar Intekhab, Ehtesham Hashmi
B. Banner: Qamar Intekhab, Faisal Khan
C. Writing Pamphlets (in Hindi) : Aditya Diwedi
D. Printing of pamphlets and Designing & Printing of Poster : Qamar Intekhab
E. Mobilization through pamphlets distribution:
     a. JNU: Punit Pushkar, Aditya Diwedi, Md. Tanveer
     b. Jamia Hamdard: Inamul Hasan, Syed
     c. Jamia Millia: Shueb, Ravi Nitesh
     d. Delhi University: All DU Coordinators 
     e. Amedkar University: Hrishikesh, Abhinab
     f. Qamar Intekhab with the help of Faisal Khan will talk with all Delhi civil society members to join the program
F. Memorandum writing (bilingual) : Devika, Aditya, Tanveer
F.  List of other states/districts from where memorandum will be sent by SSSC volunteers: List will be issued till 31 March. Md. Tanveer, Aditya Diwedi, Faisal Khan will talk with other volunteers of state/districts to make the list. It is expected that we will cover minimum 50 cities alongwith atleast 15 state capitals. 
G. Coordination team for this event will include: Manisha Kaushik,Tripti Singh, Aditya Diwedi, Faisal Khan, Ravi Nitesh, Md. Tanveer, Qamar Intekhab, Puneet Pushkar, Hrishikesh, Shueb

2. SSSC conclave is proposed on 27th MAY (*expected) at Delhi. Members of national coordination committee will attend the meeting to discuss various issues, evaluation of activities organized in different states and making further strategy. Detailed notification will be issued later in this regard after 6th April program.

3. NE states friendship journey is also in pipeline to spread the message of love and non violence. Details will be provided later.

4. Delhi coordination team of SSSC has been formed during the meeting. The team will be responsible for managing all events in Delhi, mobilization from colleges and general public, spreading the campaign in society. The name of Delhi Team includes: Manisha Kaushik, Ritika Chawla, Tripti Singh, Eva Das, Shantanu Srivastava, Darpan, Abhinab, Hrishikesh, Puneet Pushkar, Waqar , Shekhar, Shariq Naqvi, Pankaj Pathak, Ravi Jain, Avinash
*It is requested with Manisha Kaushik to organize a meeting of Delhi team members only as per their time schedules to get them involved with demands and strategies of campaign.

We convey our sincere thanks to all participants. Please forward it to all concerned. 
(A joint initiative of various organizations & movements)

We welcome your participation/suggestion/feedbacks. We work in favor of Peace, Democracy, Non Violence, Human Rights.
Our demands with Govt of India: 
To take positive steps of talk
To send all party delegation 
To send members of NWC,NHRC
To send special team of doctors from New delhi to examine Irom's health