Sunday, 2 October 2016



2nd October, International Day of Non Violence

New Delhi 

Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign, that was started in the year 2009 and was working towards Repeal of AFSPA through highlighting struggle of Irom Sharmila and to spread voice of Irom Sharmila throughout the country has decided to dissolve itself with the fact that a dedicated campaign was required to stand with sharmila as she was imprisoned and was unable to move frequently at various places to speak about her demand, but now she is free and therefore a dedicated campaign is not required. SSSC welcomes Sharmila's decision to leave fast and to take struggle in her hand and speaking about this through her approach and SSSC stands with her in this decision, however as SSSC is a non political movement and was specifically structured for the cause, it cannot become associated with any politician.

SSSC during all these years of ground struggle remained a movement that was supported by people and sustained without any funding from national or international organizations. It completely championed itself in bringing the cause of Irom sharmila in mainstream through its dedicated approach and innovative campaigns. SSSC was the campaign that revealed through its RTI that NHRC had not visited Manipur to investigate any human rights violations or to meet Irom sharmila during 2000 to 2011. Later, SSSC delegation met with NHRC chairpersons two times and on this memorandum cause of AFSPA was first time discussed before NHRC meeting with NGOs. SSSC has organised documentary screenings and panel discussions at many educational institutions. SSSC has organized numerous public demonstrations, candle vigils, human chains, rallies etc in support of Irom Sharmila in various states and had also organized nationwide signature campaign that receieved lakhs of signatures from people and even it was automatically organized in other counties. SSSC has also led 4500 km Srinagar-Imphal yatra to highlight struggle of Irom sahrmila and has written numerous letters to concerned authorities and government. SSSC convey its best wishes to Sharmila and also extend its sincere thanks to all who has been associated with the campaign throughout these years and made it one of the most recognized voices.

SSSC decided to dissolve the campaign on this day of Gandhi birth anniversary as it is the day known as International Day of Non Violence. SSSC stands with the cause of Repeal AFSPA from all areas of North East and J&K. SSSC has been now dissolved and a new and fresh campaign , with another name and new team would be start for the cause of Repeal AFSPA.

Ravi Nitesh

Convener- Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign


Jayachandra Ramchandran- Kerla, Md. Tanveer- Tamilnadu, Guddi- Maharashtra, Mithilesh Pandey- Madhya Pradesh, Gufran Khan- Uttar Pradesh, Subhajit- Kolkata, Zaheeb Ajmal- Bihar, Pankaj Bhushan- Jharkhand, Devika Mittal- Delhi, Deepak- Assam and others. 

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