Saturday, 11 April 2015

SSSC condemns rape of 3 by Army personnel in Assam; demands justice

Protest against rape in Karbi Anglong by Students and Several women organisations
In another shocking incident, it has been reported that on 6th April, 6 Indian Army jawans raped 3 women in Khorsim Athor village in Anjukpani in Assam. It has been reported that the jawans on patrol reached the village and allegedly took a 13-year-old to the neighboring jungle. The girl's mother and another relative later reached the site to rescue her. According to reports, the jawans then raped the other two women as well.
Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign (SSSC), a nation-wide campaign in support of Irom Sharmila and against the draconian Armed Forced Special Powers Act, condemns this incident and demands a fair investigation and justice.
This incident has not been the first incident and is also not an aberration. Sexual Violence by army in AFSPA areas has been quite widespread. There have been many incidents of brutal mass-rapes that have been reported in past and justice still eludes the victims. This has been proved not only by human rights' organisations but also by government-appointed committees.

SSSC believes that this continued ignorance and failure to grant justice in a country that claims to be determined for women equality and dignity is a contradiction. Sexual Violence and rape by anyone including the army personnels should be treated in the same way. SSSC demands to follow the recommendation of Justice Verma to bring cases of rape in AFSPA areas under the purview of ordinary criminal law.
However, as this was not an aberration. The permanent solution remains to be the repeal of AFSPA. Unless and until, AFSPA is repealed, the scope for cruelties will remain. However, instead of repealing the law as promised by the current ruling government, it was recently reported that AFSPA has also been extended to Arunachal Pradesh. SSSC condemns this. SSSC believes that the Government must know that violence can never be the solution. AFSPA has proved to be a failed strategy to curb insurgency and unite the nation. Instead, AFSPA has only aggravated the problem.
SSSC believes that the permanent solution for women's dignity, justice and for the integrity of the nation is the repeal of AFSPA.

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Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign